Node Templates

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There are a lot of template languages available for Node.js. But how do you pick the right one?

This page aims to help you choose the template language that's best for you and your project.

Template Languages (alphabetical)

Feature Comparisons

  • (click to toggle) CoffeeKup EJS Haml-js Haml.js Jade JQTpl Mu2 Swig Templ8 Whiskers
    Express Support
    Browser Support
    Available via npm
    Variable Filters
    Shorthand HTML Syntax
    Extends / Block Template Inheritance
    Escapes Output
    if/else Conditionals
    else if Conditionals
    Extendable Tags, Logic, and/or Filters
    Partials / Includes
    ✜ JQTpl Browser Support JQTpl can be supported in the browser via the jQuery Templates plugin
    ✜ Mu Browser Support Mu2/Mustache can be supported in the browser via mustache.js.
    ✜ Mu if / else Mu2/Mustache only supports if logic.
    ✜ Partials Language has some way to include and render sub-templates from within the main template.